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Gluten-Free Vs. Paleo

Gluten-free. Vegan. Dairy-free. Paleo. Whole30. So many labels exist to describe foods, diets, and lifestyle choices lately--it's hard to keep up! We often find that there is some confusion about these labels, which is not surprising. Unless you are living these lifestyles (by choice or necessity), these words are often just terms you've heard that don't mean a lot. I'd love to break down the difference between Paleo and gluten-free today, and maybe in a separate blog post, we can explore the differences between some of the other terms (for instance, what's the difference between Paleo and Whole30??). Gluten-free is...

Whole30 Approved!

        As most of you know, our little shop began as a Paleo bakery. Six months into our business journey, at the request of our customers, we began to offer prepared meals.  We have always worked hard to make sure that our ingredients and finished products were Paleo compliant. As time went on, we began working to transition to using clean and pastured proteins. We began with free-range eggs, then added  grass-fed and finished beef, followed by organic chicken and finally pastured pork. We began to notice that throughout the year, we always had a number of...

Spotlight on Gravel Ridge Farms

At The Joyful Food Co., we love locally and ethically sourced ingredients. I also happen to really love chickens, as I had some backyard chickens and realized they have very distinct and funny personalities! Watching them graze around the yard and scout bugs was so fun and made me sad for the chickens who spend their lives literally cooped up. This is one of the reasons it was important to us to make the switch to free-range eggs. Also, we know that eggs from happy chickens just taste better! When we found Gravel Ridge Farms, we knew that their eggs...

It's Okay to Be an Ingredient Snob

One of the first, and most important, lessons I learned when my family went Paleo was how to read ingredient labels. Even on items that would seemingly have no strange ingredients in them (like mixed nuts!), it seemed there was almost always a strange oil or some form of sugar (which is often listed under a variety of names) on the ingredient list.               When following a special diet, there is something so utterly disappointing about finding a food item on the shelf that looks like something you can eat, only to read the ingredient...

Paleo on a Budget

Often when someone is considering changing to a Paleo diet, they wonder if they'll be able to afford it.  Eating Paleo means no grains or legumes, both of which are inexpensive staples in many American diets. The Paleo diet replaces these items with quality meats, produce, nuts and seeds, which are more costly.  While it is possible that your grocery budget will increase, I'd love to share some cost savings I've discovered after eating this way for 5 years. First of all, in an ideal world, we would all be able to afford to buy pastured/grass-fed meats and organic produce,...