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Whole30 Results!

I finished up my Whole30 before Thanksgiving, but things got a little busy around here, as you can imagine.

The last week of Whole30 dragged on a bit, but my husband and I made it through. He was weighing himself throughout (yes, I know that's against the rules!) and seeing good results which inspired him and made it feel very worth it. Overall, he ended up losing 15 lbs in 30 days which I think is very impressive! I don't really keep up with my weight closely, but I had a doctor's appointment on Day 2 and one on Day 27. While weight loss wasn't my main priority, I think we can all agree that losing a few pounds is usually not a bad thing. According to the nurse, I lost 3 pounds, which is nothing like my husband's results, but I can live with that!

Towards the end of Whole30, I was excited to have my coffee like I like it again (with heavy cream), eat some potato chips (overall, they're pretty tame with ingredients being potatoes, avocado oil and salt) and have a drink. But when it was all said and done, I wondered if going back to all that heavy cream in my coffee was a good idea. I knew once I had it, I wouldn't want to give it up, and I hated to undo all of the good I had done by giving it up for 30 days. During Whole30, I had been drinking Nutpods, which are Whole30 approved, but contain natural flavors and other stabilizers. I started wondering which was actually worse. So I went to Sprouts and started examining the different non dairy milks and creamers. I found one called Milked Cashews and the only ingredients were cashews and water, and I really like it. Since it doesn't have stabilizers, it does tend to separate pretty easily, but it's a good taste. Of course now that I've bought it twice, it looks like they've discontinued it!







One strange thing I've noticed is that I just don't want the coffee as much as I used to. I used to crave it all the time! I think maybe what my body was craving was the dairy in the coffee. Now I have some coffee and it's fine and I am not thinking about it all the time or drinking it every night. And would you believe I haven't used heavy cream even once since the Whole30 ended?

Other changes I've noticed is that I don't think about snacking at night anymore. That was a hard habit to break, but I just don't think about it, much less have the food on hand anymore (I'm spending a LOT less on snack foods at the grocery store, too!). I do eat my chips sometimes and the only sweet thing I crave anymore is dried mango. I enjoyed some pecan pie at Thanksgiving, but when it was gone, it was gone. I actually even threw some away!

I'm pretty proud that I haven't slipped back into all of my old habits. I think going for 30 days really does make a difference. If I had done if for even 20, I think I would have been more likely to go back to some of the unhealthy choices.

So even though I've always been a fan of Whole30, I'd say I'm even more of a believer now. I do think my coffee addiction was really a dairy addiction and Whole30 helped me break that. If you're thinking of giving it a go as a new year's resolution, I think you should go for it! You have nothing to lose but some unwanted pounds and inflammation and possibly some addictions to sugar or dairy or other things.

Remember, we're here to help! We have so many compliant meals and soups, but we're also here to encourage you and celebrate your victories! You can do this!


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    My whole 30 coincided with yours by a few days. (I’m Elizabeth’s aunt) I too am not craving coffee – drinking it black now. Other thing about no dairy? No more mucus upon awakening. No sinusitis! Rarely hungry. Happy me.

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