About Us

In January of 2015, Elizabeth opened Consider it Joy Baking with a KitchenAid mixer, an oven and a dream to sell healthy baked goods that tasted great. Years earlier, her family made drastic dietary changes (cutting grains, refined sugar, and processed foods) in order to address some persistent health problems. It was a struggle at first, but she was determined to find a way to make this new lifestyle delicious….maybe even fun. As her family’s health began to improve, she was encouraged and began to get more creative in the kitchen. Experimenting with new ingredients and recipes, she learned to make muffins, cupcakes, cookies, and crackers that were delicious, and more nutrient-dense than any of their grain-filled counterparts. The most surprising part was the passion that was growing to help other people make healthy choices.

Six months in, she realized the demand for delicious, Paleo prepared meals and set out looking for someone to implement them. Elizabeth found Rebecca, who had come into this lifestyle for similar reasons--to improve her family's health. Rebecca's meals quickly became just as popular as the baked goods and soon Rebecca became a co-owner.

As it became clear that we were no longer just a bakery, we re-branded as The Joyful Food Co. in January of 2017. We opened our second location in the Birmingham area in 2020.

ElizabethElizabeth is the creator, co-owner, and baker of The Joyful Food Co. When she isn't up to her elbows in almond flour, you can find her under an electric blanket and a pile of cats, watching The Office. Elizabeth is married to a rocket scientist named Jason and has 2 delightfully quirky kids. She never, ever gets tired of eating gingersnaps.

RebeccaRebecca is our talented chef and co-owner. When she isn't cooking delicious Paleo meals, she can probably be found cheering on her kids at a wrestling match or a volleyball game. She is also a certified yoga instructor who brings much-needed Zen to our kitchen. She has been repeatedly caught stealing pumpkin chocolate chip muffins from work.


At The Joyful Food Co., we prepare delicious, grain-free treats and meals. We bake with almond and coconut flours and sweeten our items naturally--primarily using honey or pure maple syrup. Whether you follow a healthy, real-food lifestyle by choice or your food options are limited due to food allergies, when you visit The Joyful Food Co., you will be sure to find items that meet your specific needs.

Everything in our store is always gluten-free, grain-free, lactose & casein free and refined sugar-free. We also have options for SCD/GAPS, vegan, keto and Whole30 lifestyles.