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Top Ten Gluten-Free Finds at Costco

Changing your diet doesn't just involve finding new foods to eat--often it involves finding new places to shop! Customers ask me all the time where I like to shop and my resounding answer is: Costco! Rebecca and I have been eating grain-free for 5 and 7 years, respectively. Over the years, we have learned where to get the best prices on the highest quality food, and we both agree--Costco is one of our favorite places to shop! When I started a grain-free lifestyle, there weren't really any prepared foods that you could buy--it was all ingredients. While Costco is a great place for ingredients, they are also great at staying on top of what consumers want, which means, over the past few years, I have seen their organic, gluten-free, and paleo options explode! Costco is also a fantastic place to purchase quality kitchen equipment (think KitchenAid mixer, Cuisinart food processor, Vitamix, cookware) and a variety of cookbooks! 

You should remember that no matter where you shop, its so important to read ingredient labels! You should strive not only for gluten-free but chemical free. Avoid ingredients that you can't pronounce or that you wouldn't have in your pantry. So without further ado, here are the top 10 gluten-free finds that Rebecca and I recommend from Costco:

1. Organic Produce - Costco offers great prices on organic fruits and veggies--often priced better than conventional options at most stores. From apples to carrots, celery and a variety of greens, check the produce cold room for some amazing produce! Pro-tip--check out their frozen section for a wide variety of organic berries, perfect for smoothies!

2. High-Quality Meat - organic chicken, ground beef and breakfast sausages, clean roasted turkey breast (great for lunch boxes), wild caught salmon (canned and fresh when in season), and frozen wild caught shrimp. Don't forget no sugar added prosciutto and Aidell's chicken apple sausage!

3. Eggs - organic and free range--for everything from baking to omelet-making!

4. Single guacamole packs - Avocados are full of healthy fats, however, they are fickle little fruits. Nobody likes seeing their guacamole turn brown! Single serving cups are great to throw in a lunchbox or add to some raw veggies for a quick snack. Don't worry--if you're having a party, they also have larger containers!

5. Perfect bars and Larabars - the Perfect bars are refrigerated and come in a variety pack--once in a while, they even go on sale. They are great for a serious snack or meal replacement when you run out of time for a full meal. Larabars are on the shelf with other snacks in a variety pack.

6. Cooking oils - From organic coconut oil (best deal anywhere!) to organic olive oil and even mild avocado oil--Costco has a wide variety of oils to stock your pantry.

7. Almond Flour, almond butter, almond milk - Costco has cornered the almond market, basically.  Blanched almond flour is perfect for trying your hand at baking Paleo treats, almond butter is available in organic or conventional, almond milk is unsweetened and organic--perfect for adding to your smoothie or a bowl of grain-free granola!

8. Trail Mix Ingredients - Almonds, pecans, walnuts, organic raisins and other dried fruits. Get creative and make a custom trail mix!

9. Paleo-approved sweeteners - Costco has raw and organic honey and organic pure maple syrup....for a much better price than we've ever seen it elsewhere!

10. Snacks - grass-fed beef jerky, crunchy coconut rolls, organic applesauce pouches, gummy snacks, organic tortilla chips....must we go on?? Costco's gluten-free snack game is strong, and we are here for it!

This post wasn't sponsored by Costco--my love for them is big, and it's real! Happy shopping!


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