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Three Years

January 19 marked 3 years since I opened the doors of our little shop!  We opened in 2015 as Consider it Joy Baking and it was just little old me.  I had gotten the keys to the space on December 31st and spent 19 days cleaning, painting, worrying, and installing equipment in the kitchen.  And just when I thought I couldn't work any harder, I finished all of that.....and had to bake!! 

The first few months were an out of body experience as I learned to send newsletters, graduated from Avery labels printed at home (my marketing guy just had a coronary reading that, btw), learned what a grease trap was (it's the grossest thing ever), and survived my first health inspection. 

Avery labels.  Printed at home.  The struggle was real.











(Avery labels.  Printed at home.  The struggle was real.)






(The fridge and freezer look like dollhouse miniatures!)

6 months in, I apparently wasn't frantic enough, so I decided to add in meals, and that's when Rebecca joined the team.  Her meals were a great complement to my baked goods and our work ethic and styles are similar.  We also share a passion for providing healthy and delicious foods to busy families. We became friends as well as co-workers and once we (barely) survived our first Thanksgiving, I knew she wasn't allowed to leave.  Rebecca became a partner the following April, and we've been going like gangbusters ever since. 

We've filled the kitchen and the lobby with new equipment,







added farmers markets to our schedule, and said "yes" to a lot of things that scared us.  We now have a store manager (holla, Tangie!), online ordering (thanks, Rebecca!), custom labels for our staple items (yay, marketing guy), an annual allergy-friendly Fall Festival, oh, and the small matter of completely rebranding!  So many customers have become like family to us. Our hearts are full!






The path that my wee Paleo bakery took is one that I never could have predicted.  It is also one I wouldn't change.  Thank you for shopping with us--for being part of the Joyful Food family.  Thank you for letting us have a place at your dinner table, for choosing us to bake your birthday cakes and for trusting us with your holiday meals.  

Here's to another amazing year!



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