Chocolate Mini Cupcakes with Assorted Frostings

$ 16.56
Size: 1 doz

Paleo * Gluten Free * Dairy Free

Our most popular cake flavor has a unique ingredient:  medjool dates are used as one of the sweeteners.  No need to tell the kids--they'll never figure it out.  The dates just make the cake fudgier and more moist!  The main ingredient is organic coconut butter, making it safe for children with tree nut allergies.

An assortment of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry frosting.

Ingredients: organic coconut butter, coconut milk, organic coconut flour, organic cocoa powder, medjool dates, honey, baking soda, sea salt, vanilla, organic palm shortening, free-range eggs, freeze-dried strawberries


calories fat/g protein/g carbs/g sugar/g fiber/g sodium/mg
w/ Vanilla frosting 104 7 1 10 9 1 50
w/ Strawberry frosting 105 7 1 10 9 1 50
w/ Chocolate Frosting 106 7 1 10 8 2 50