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My Favorite App For Dining Out Gluten-Free

Going out to eat when you are gluten-free can be a little like playing roulette. You're always hoping for the best, but sometimes you lose--big time. Gluten can be hidden in all kinds of ingredients and many times, staff simply isn’t well educated about food allergies. Eventually, after a lot of trial and error, you learn what restaurants work for you….but what about when you travel?  There are a number of apps available that are designed specifically for locating restaurants in your vicinity.  Some apps, like Trip Advisor or Yelp, allow you to place a gluten-free search filter on nearby restaurants, which is definitely helpful. But just because a restaurant has a gluten-free item on their menu, it doesn’t always mean it is a place that monitors cross contamination or that the servers are knowledgeable in how the gluten-free items are prepared. If only there was a way to get feedback from other gluten-free people who have eaten there!  Well thank heavens, there is now an app for that!





The free app Find Me Gluten Free is helping people find delicious and SAFE gluten-free offerings near them and I love it!  Find Me Gluten Free allows you to filter restaurants by location, tells you which are dedicated gluten-free facilities and which are the most celiac friendly (the most celiac friendly filter requires app upgrade)! 





Read reviews from other patrons and view the menu to get a better idea of what you'll encounter when you get there. 






I use this app every time I travel, and sometimes in my own hometown when I feel like I’m in a rut.  I recently used the app on a trip to Florida and I found a number of restaurants that I otherwise would have missed out on--I had my first gluten-free Panini, and it was awesome!

Download this app today, plug in your location and you might be surprised to find some amazing options around you!  Happy (and safe!) dining to you!

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