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  • Plate It Foward

Plate It Foward

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COVID-19 has greatly affected the way we operate our business, and caused a delay for the opening of our long awaited second location. Paying for 2 locations while only operating out of one (with greatly reduced operations) has been a challenge. A monetary gift will help us cover operating costs and payroll expenses for our employees. This generous gift of $100 will include a donation of a frozen family meal to Grace Klein Community.

Keeping one small business going often has a ripple effect on others. For instance, our business supports

  • Our suppliers and their drivers as we order packaging, ingredients, and even labeling (which we get from a Hoover small business).
  • Local farmers who supply our pork, beef, and eggs
  • and of course, our awesome employees

We love our customers and community, and hope to be here serving you for many years to come. Your generosity, friendship, and encouragement is greatly appreciated.


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