Citrus Carnitas (Conventional)

$ 20.00
Size: 1 lb

Paleo * Gluten Free * Dairy-Free * Whole30 * Keto

Sourcing ingredients during this pandemic has been challenging, and we are having trouble getting a consistent supply of pastured pork shoulders. Because carnitas are one of our most popular items, for the time being, we’ve switched to conventional pork, and dropped the price to convey that.

Carnitas are hands down, our favorite meat of all time--this tangy, flavorful pork is cooked for hours to tender perfection. Delicious alone, or over a bed of spinach with salsa--these carnitas are a hit!

Frozen and ready to go.

Ingredients: pork shoulder, lime juice, lemon juice, organic cumin, organic garlic powder, sea salt, coriander, black pepper, cayenne pepper