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You Did a Whole30--Now What?

Many of our customers have completed or will be completing a Whole30 very soon.  Doing a Whole30 is a big deal and a huge accomplishment!  You should all be very proud!  I ate strictly paleo/primal for nearly 2 years before I got up the nerve to a Whole30 (cream in my coffee is pretty sacred to me!). 

Hopefully this journey has instilled some new, healthier habits in you.  I am sure you are noticing some non-scale victories (did you beat your sugar cravings, get new-found energy, reduce inflammation in your body?) and soon when you step on the scale, you may get some good news there as well.

I know that you might be excited to finish.  Maybe there is one thing you've been dreaming about eating and you can't wait!  Let me encourage you to be mindful when you start reintroducing foods.  You've done a lot of good for your body in 30 days, and it would be very easy to screw it up.  For instance, just a slice of traditional cake could contain gluten, corn, dairy and cane sugar, so if you feel yucky afterwards, you might not know which ingredient is the culprit.

I would encourage you to think about your future goals.  Eating Whole30 forever, would certainly be ideal, but it probably isn't sustainable for most of us.  If you have noticed a positive change in your health, Paleo might be a good template for you.  Perhaps during reintroduction, you will notice that there are just one or 2 ingredients you need to avoid (I realized dairy was a no-no for me).  Whatever direction you go in, I hope that it includes lots of homemade, delicious food with REAL ingredients.

Remember that our meals and treats are always Paleo, which means we never use corn, soy, gluten, grains, or dairy (except ghee).  We sweeten naturally using honey, pure maple syrup or dates.  During reintroduction, remember, we have lots of wholesome meals and delectable sweets here at the bakery--we'd love to help you treat yourself in a way that won't leave you feeling blah.

Congratulations on that Whole30--we knew you could do it!



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